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Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

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Happy 2018!

The start of a New Year often means new goals and resolutions we commit to keeping.

Is your diet one of your resolutions?

Do you start off great and then fall off the wagon? We know the feeling.

If you're resolving to improve your diet and nutrition in 2018, it is important to make small and attainable changes - those are the ones that will last.

By focusing on a nourishing, balanced approach to food you won’t fall off of any wagons! 

Here are three simple steps to help you get there:

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1. Commit 

If you have good food in your house, you will eat good food. 

Get rid of the junk and highly processed food - yes: the stuff in the colourful packages with all those crazy sounding ingredients. You certainly don’t need to go “cold turkey” (that could cause some serious sugar withdrawal) but make small steps to going mostly gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and soy free - your body will thank you. 

2. Plan

You need a solid foundation in order to implement these changes. Are you going out for dinner over the weekend? Then ensure you are eating homemade food during the week. Do you sit at your desk all day? Schedule your workouts like appointments so you can't cancel them and you're moving your body. 

3. Prepare

This is the hardest part and where we come in. Preparing food in advance plays a major role in eating well. It can take quite a few hours to food prep every week (which is why our Meal Prep offerings come in handy) but hard boiling eggs, chopping fresh veggies & pre-washing fruit is a quick solution to having good-for-you-food ready to go so you can stay on track with this year's resolution.

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