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ūüźĚ Orders placed now will be delivered on Sunday April 5th & Wednesday April 8th ūüźĚ

Our Delivery

Where do you deliver?

Our current delivery areas include: 


Halton Hills
King City
Richmond Hill

We deliver to *most* postal codes within these areas and are always expanding so stay tuned!

Don't see your area? Contact us for more information


How does delivery work?

Your order will be delivered to your residence on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings - depending on your meal/plan selections. 

Your estimated delivery time will be communicated via text message prior to your first delivery.

We do everything possible to guarantee delivery times. Sometimes things develop that are out of our control such as weather, traffic and road closures. These delays are not the norm, and our drivers do everything to ensure prompt service, but may occasionally cause delays. 

When time is delivery?

Deliveries occur on Sunday and Wednesday evenings between 4pm and 10pm.

Your delivery ETA text message will indicate your 2-hour delivery window.

Please contact us by 9pm on the evening of delivery  with any questions or concerns.

Can I request or change my delivery time?

We plan our delivery routes based on driving efficiency and geographic proximity. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee requests or change delivery times.

Can I change my delivery address?

If your order has already been placed, please contact us to discuss your needs. We cannot guarantee address changes on active orders outside of 3km from the address routed. We will always do our very best but route our deliveries based on efficiency and changes affect our overall timing and thereby other clients.  

How do the meals arrive?

Your meals will arrive in individual fiber pulp compostable containers with recyclable plastic lids in our cooler bag. In the summer (and during hotter temperatures), we also deliver your meals with an eco-friendly, re-usable gel pack. If you'd like a gel pack at other times, please let us know. 

What if the meals arrive at my door and I am not home to receive them?

It is ideal for someone to be available to receive your meals at delivery. If you, or someone else, is not around to receive your meals we follow the instructions you have provided on your order - to the best of our ability. Our cooler bags will keep your meals safe for about an hour - depending on the outside temperature. Our ice-packs will keep your meals safe for 4-6 hours. Please let us know if you'd like an ice-pack prior to 5pm on your delivery day. 

I live in an apartment/condominium... what do you do?

No problem at all! We like to come up to your door so please provide all necessary information for us to do so: buzzer code and unit number. If you'd like us to leave your delivery with your concierge, please ensure they will accept food & inform you of the delivery. If you, or someone else, is not around to receive your meals we follow the instructions you have provided on your order - to the best of our ability.

Do I need to return the cooler bag?

Yes, please! If you're home, please remove your meals from the cooler bag & return to our driver that evening. If you are not home, we will pick up your empty cooler bag at your next delivery. If you know you will not be home for delivery, please leave empty cooler bag(s) in a secure, visible place for our drivers to pick-up. If we are leaving your order with the concierge, please leave your empty cooler bag with the concierge. If cooler bags are outstanding, your order will be delivered in a recyclable brown paper bag. 

Do I need to return the containers?

No, thank you! But we encourage you to compost the bottoms & recycle the lids. 

I'm outside of your delivery area... what can I do?

We would be happy to deliver to a different address within our delivery area or you can contact us to discuss an alternate solution. 


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