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🐝 Today's orders will be delivered on Sunday Oct. 22nd and Wednesday Oct. 25th 🐝

How It Works

1) Orders are due every Thursday at 6P.M.

We have 10 meals (6 Sunday, 4 Wednesday) + breakfast & snack selections offerings every week.

All ingredients are listed so you can select which are your favourites and avoid items due to allergies, dietary restrictions or other food preferences. Our meals change weekly and seasonally in order to serve you best.

Orders for the coming week are due by Thursday at 6pm with a minimum order of $75. Please refer to the top banner on the website for up-to-date information on when your order will be delivered.

2) Fitness vs. Performance.

We offer different meal sizes based on the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat per meal. Our Fitness Meals are smaller and designed for toning your body. Our Performance Meals are larger and geared towards building your body. All meals are also offered in a Low-Carb option. Click here to learn more about our food.

Our Fitness meals contain approx. 35g protein, 40g carbohydrate & 10-17g fat per meal (approx. 350-450 calories per meal).

Our Fitness – Low Carb meals contain approx. 35g protein, 20g carbohydrate & 10-17g fat per meal (approx. 300-400 calories per meal).

Our Performance meals contain approx. 50g protein, 50g carbohydrate & 15-22g fat per meal (approx. 500-600 calories each per meal).

Our Performance – Low Carb meals contain approx. 50g protein, 25g carbohydrate & 15-22g fat per meal (approx. 400-500 calories per meal).

3) We deliver Sundays + Wednesdays evenings.

Delivery times are between 6pm and 10pm. We will provide a 1-hour delivery window via email. There is a $15 delivery fee which will be added at checkout. All meals are cooked fresh on their delivery day and are meant to be consumed fresh, within 3 days of their delivery. We do not guarantee freshness following this time.

Find out if we deliver to you!

4) Your cooler + food.

There is a one time $10 fee for the Cooler bag your first meal arrives in. This will be added to your cart automatically the first time you order. Cooler bags are to be returned. If you're home, we will take the cooler bag at that delivery, but if not we will pick up your empty cooler bag at your next delivery. If multiple cooler bags are outstanding, meals will be delivered in recyclable brown paper bags.

Our cooler bags will keep your meals cool for about an hour - depending on the outside temperature. Our BPA-free plastic containers are certainly reusable for your own use - if you do not intend to keep them, we encourage you to please recycle. Our meal containers are microwave-safe so follow the reheat instructions provided on each meal label.

5) Relax + Enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy delicious, healthy meals each week without lifting a finger.
(Except for clicking on the button below, of course!)
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