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December 14, 2020 3 min read

Prepared Meals Save Time, Money & Minimize Food Waste

Toronto Meal Delivery Service Inexpensive


If you're hesitant to try prepared meal delivery because of the cost, listen up and let us ease the pain of the potential "sticker shock" when you're placing your order. 

When you're ordering your food for the week all at once, the total price could be daunting. But if you're finding yourself clicking the order button for your UberEats dinner or snack over and over, please allow us to explain. 

Picture this: it's Monday evening, you've just had a busy day working, Zoom-ing, perhaps getting in a workout and you start to think about what to eat for dinner. Problem is: you had a restful weekend that did not include grocery shopping and meal prepping so you open your food delivery app to select your dinner. Data shows that DoorDash users are spending an average of $36.95 per order! That is almost triple the price of a healthy prepared meal from Honey Bee Meals. As you order your meals on demand, the price day over day, week over week and month over month adds up - perhaps without you even noticing.

What kind of food are you ordering? Sure, there are more healthy options now (that are arguably more expensive) but are you skipping the pizza and selecting the more nutritious choice? Restaurant size portions are often much larger than what we need at a given meal and nutrition facts or ingredient information is not always readily available. While your bills are adding up, the long term health costs of eating unhealthy food starts to add up too.

How much time does meal delivery save? Meal delivery starts to pull ahead further. You are able to save time and focus on more important and enjoyable aspects of your life. You eliminate menu planning, writing lists, going to the store, filling your cart, checking out, going home and putting it all away when you check out our healthy menu and order your prepare meals for the week. All it takes is three minutes to go from container to your stomach!

How many times do you buy produce that goes to waste? When we add food waste to the equation, we start to see the positive environmental impact healthy prepared meal delivery has on you and our society as a whole. Not only are most of our food packaging materials compostable, we produce based on the orders received and can therefore control the food we are buying to ensure nothing is wasteful. When you have us worrying about the purchasing and cooking, you don't need to worry about broccoli going moldy and unused in your fridge.

When we do the math, meal delivery is actually cost effective, time saving and helps to reduce food waste. Add it all up, and meal delivery is the smart choice if you are careful about money and conscious about the type of food you are consuming. 

While Toronto meal delivery may seem unattainable, we pride our service on offering fair prices for a premium food product. Our ingredients are the highest quality: our produce is sourced locally and sustainably; our animal protein is hormone and antibiotic free; our seafood is Ocean Wise certified. Our meals come in different sizes and options but we promise you that our portions won't leave you hungry - just wanting your next Honey Bee meal!

Low Cost Meal Delivery Toronto

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