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February 07, 2022 2 min read

Vegan Soups & How to Re-Use The Soup Jar

We’re excited to introduce four healthy & delicious soups to our winter menu. Our gluten-free and vegan soups are all vegetable based and made with fresh & natural ingredients. Our soups are also low in sodium and seasoned with fresh herbs. 

Our Butternut Squash Soup is seasoned with anti-inflammatory spices like cumin and cinnamon for a delicious flavour.Our Carrot Soup features fresh dill and oregano.Our Green Pea Soup is flavoured with thyme and is a beautiful bright green in colour. Our Tomato Soup is so creamy you wouldn’t even know it was dairy-free! 

We package all of our soups in 1- litre mason jars offering four 1-cup (250 ml) servings per jar. These jars are carefully delivered to your door across the Greater Toronto Area. Be sure to add one (or all!) of our soups to your next healthy meal delivery order.

Once you have enjoyed Honey Bee Meals’ homemade soups, be sure to clean & re-use the mason jar. Here are our favourite ways to re-use this handy glass:

1. Pantry Storage: Store dry items like flour, lentils, nuts & seeds. The tight fitting lid keeps these items fresh.
2. Flowers: An arrangement of flowers looks great in this glass jar- no need to buy a vase!
3. Leftovers: Are you doing some cooking of your own? Jar storage is perfect for chilis and stews.
4. Water: A jar is a great pitcher to drink from - add a splash of lemon!
5. Pickling: Try your hand at pickling your own vegetables or even making sauerkraut or kimchi.

Warm up with our soups all winter long as a healthy choice packed with nutrients!

Healthy Vegan Gluten Free Soup 

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