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May 31, 2021 2 min read

Coconut Aminos: Explained

Toronto Healthy Meal Delivery | Prepared Gluten-Free Meals

What are coconut aminos and why is it a key ingredient in many of our healthy, freshly prepared and delivered Classic, Vegetarian and Vegan dairy/nut/soy/gluten/refined sugar free meals and snacks?

Coconut aminos are a salty-sweet condiment, reminiscent of soy sauce but without the high salt content or soy!  Having gained popularity through the Paleo Diet, it has become a staple ingredient in many, not just, Paleo kitchens.   At Honey Bee Meals, a popular meal delivery service in Toronto we use this sauce in many of our Asian inspired dishes such as our Chicken or Lentil Pad Thai Casserole and our Stir Fry’s.

Coconut aminos are made from the “sap” of coconut palms.  The sap (actually coconut-blossom nectar) is fermented and then blended with sea salt.  Although it is derived from the coconut tree it has no coconut taste.  Just tangy sweet perfection!

Coconut aminos has 73% less sodium than soy sauce.  It is also soy and gluten free making it a wonderful condiment for those with sensitivity or allergies to gluten and soy and for people looking to decrease the amount of sodium they consume.  Coconut aminos are not the most nutrient dense ingredient but add an “umami” flavour in cooking.

Why should we think about reducing or eliminating soy sauce from our diets?  Soy sauce is one of the world’s oldest condiments, dating back more than 2,500 years.  Unfortunately, the original method of collecting the drippings of miso, a fermented soybean which reduced the harmful effects of the soybean, is no longer being used in most commercial soy products.  Conventional soy sauce manufactures utilize a chemical process to produce soy sauce.

Even though soy is inherently gluten-free by nature, soybeans are often grown in rotation with wheat crops.  Farmers use the same fields to grow, harvest and then store these crops so there is a real possibility for cross contamination.

It’s a good idea to include coconut aminos in your pantry if you’re trying to lower your sodium intake or avoid soy entirely. This ingredient will allow you to prepare Asian inspired dishes without compromising taste. Try making a dressing or marinade with coconut aminos, sesame oil, honey (or coconut sugar), garlic, salt and pepper for your next freshly prepared meal.

Toronto Healthy Meal Delivery | Prepared Gluten-Free Meals

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